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Willie Taylor From Day 26 and ML Underwood With My Life Entertainment Have Collaborated to Create Top 100 Streaming Song “Crazy Love”

Willie Taylor and ML Underwood now have the biggest R&B HipHop song in America since the Ja Rule and Ashanti duo wave in the 90’s called “Crazy Love.” Willie Taylor’s hook on the song is so addictive and it reaches the hearts of everyone in relationships who have a hard time communicating with each other. Knowing that men and women’s love languages are different, ML Underwood gives a male perspective on how men view their mates, who communicate in other forms that men just have to figure out. This song is now being streamed at 20K streams a day and the radio spins are increasing daily.

ML Underwood, originally from Gary, Indiana, the home of the legendary Michael Jackson. ML is straight out of the Federal Penitentiary after doing 5 years for not “snitching.” He’s now back in the Land of the Living doing so many amazing things in the City of Gary. Divorced and now happily married to Regina Earvin-Underwood who owns, ML has the game to give the world now, about Relationships. Not only does ML Underwood executive produce music, he’s an author of “My Life B4 and After Entertainment” available on Amazon. He also promotes celebrity shows, boxing events and parties, with headliners such as Ke Ke WyattLil Mo, Boosie Baddazz, Def Comedy Jam and many more. ML is not only an executive producer to “Crazy Love,” he’s executive produced a song “King God Legend” with artist Boosie Baddazz, Shawna, Mutt Dogg and Trice Da Artist.

ML’s goal is help other men incarcerated who were given lengthy sentences for non-violent crimes get out of prison, like Duke “I got next” Tanner, Bobby Suggs, and Christopher Young. ML organized the UPA to help individuals in this situation.

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