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ML Underwood Talks George Floyd, Hip-Hop & Prison Reform

ML Underwood is a fast-rising new artist with great collaborations early on with several of Hip-Hop’s brightest stars. However, before the mic, Underwood was a successful businessman with a huge movement in social issues like prison reform under his United Prison Association. Today, we sit down with the accomplished star to discuss his recent success and what he has in store for the rest of 2020. Learn everything about ML Underwood below.

Was Hip-Hop always a dream of yours growing up?
Hip Hop has always been a dream of mine. In my City, I’m one of the founders who breathed the culture at the Easter talent shows and the Miller festivals in Gary Indiana. At that time I was a beat boxer.

A successful businessman, what has music taught you about business, and what has business taught you about making music?
I’ve learned that you always have to handle business first when it comes to music because most mistakes in the music business can cost you millions so you have to be on point.

Describe the importance of artists using their influence to inspire the culture?
I believe an artist should use their music to impact the world because they have a voice that is heard by Millions through there music. An Artist can change stinking thinking or they can influence it.

Tell us about how the recording process has been going for your anticipated album?
The Recording process for my anticipated album is a spiritual process. I have done just about everything in life and what I’m doing in this album is give everybody a peak in the last 20 years of my life the shortcomings and how I made millions in financial services and used it to help others succeed.

Every great artist has a great support system behind them. Tell us about your team?
My team is Slavic my Engineer who has been responsible for many platinum artist music sounding great. I have MC V who produced Megan Thee Stallion first 2 albums “ Make it Hot” and “Tina Snow” my other producer Mike Flexx who produced 2 of my hottest songs “Crazy Love” and “Show Me”. Young Khan Da Don(Co-writer) My personal advisor Shane Foster, my PR OG Suicide and my wife who let me know which music sounds better for me (laughs).

As a black man, give us your thoughts on the loss of George Floyd and Ryshard Brooks?
The loss of George Floyd and Ryshard Brooks makes me very angry and I feel that I have to do something personally to make a difference. That’s why I started a non-profit organization www.unitedprisonerassociation.com

Has the recent passings and BLM inspired you to do even more for the culture?
I feel that the non-profit organization I started will make a difference in our culture because we will fight to bring thousands of black fathers and mothers home to there families. Strong families make strong communities. Our young children need their fathers and helping Men with life sentences come home to there families will solve so many future problems in our communities.

Through your music, what is the message you can’t stress the most to your audience?
The Message I want to stress to everyone is to attain success and strive to make millions for your families. Work hard and have fun in life. Love Life Loyalty www.mylifeentertainment.net.

Throughout your journey in music, tell us about some roadblocks you’ve endured along the way?
The only roadblocks I’ve had were haters blocking my moves but I love it when that happens because that’s when the universe reverse whatever they try against me to backfire because my spirit is pure and I’m open to receiving whatever good life brings to me I don’t defy the laws of this universe I obey them all because that’s why great things come to me because I truly love people and I don’t have a hate bone in my body. I noticed at an early age that when I cheer for others to succeed and desire them to win the universe gives me a win also in my endeavors.

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