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Introducing Artist and CEO M L Underwood

ML Underwood has been long established in the hip hop music industry as a talent manager prior to pursuing his own career in music. M L Underwood has worked with plenty of artists and decided to invest in many of them throughout their careers.

As the CEO of entertainment group MyLife Entertainment, Underwood offers motivational speaking, life coaching, philanthropy and more for talent and individuals that he works with. Through his company, he has a goal to help reform hip hop to the next highest level, alongside pursuing his own dreams of becoming a star.

After being released from prison, M L Underwood decided to fully invest in himself and his music career — he wanted to put his talents on the map and pave the way for artists who would be looking to him for answers. “I want all my fans to party, dance and learn something from my music,” Underwood said. “I like being able to give millions of my listeners something of value when they hear these hits.”

Keep reading to learn more about M L Underwood and his music journey.

Where are you from?

I’m from the city of Gary — the home town of the Jackson 5.

What is your artist name and how did you get it?

M L Underwood is my artist name and it came about when I decided to reinvent myself after release from federal prison.

When did you start taking music seriously? How has your career developed?

I started pursuing music at 14 years old but after so many constant let downs, I decided to invest in other artist for the bulk of my journey in music. But now I’m giving myself one last shot before signing other artist again. Let’s go!!

Has your upbringing played a role in you becoming an artist?

My upbringing definitely influenced everything in my life. Having a mother as a devoted Jehovah’s Witness and brothers who were gangsters, I had a balance of having a good heart and at the same time the “I’m coming for you” mentality if you cross me.

How would you describe your sound to those who may not know you?

So, my sound is balanced and peaceful, with some hard core gangsta mixed in with it. My sound is definitely different and people seem to always come away with something they learned when they hear my music. Subliminal messages are written in codes, in all my music designed to touch those who are ready and on the same level.

Why would you say that you are passionate about music?

Music heals the soul… and anything that powerful I want to make sure I’m close to it. My biggest influence in music is Tupac, and my goal is to help reform hip hop to the next highest level.

Tell us about your upcoming project that we should be on the lookout for.

My new song I’m releasing through Empire is called “I’M THE LIGHT” and this song definitely go hard and I know the clubs gone bang this one. The last song “Thats on my life” is still doing great numbers since it was just released two months ago.

Do you have a project you’re most proud of?

The song “Crazy Love” featuring Willie Taylor and Shawnna is my most successful project up to this point with almost one million streams alone in 11 months.

Fans can stream M L Underwood’s new single “I’M THE LIGHT” on all platforms on July 31.

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