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ML Underwood Talks United Prisoner Association, Entering Hip-Hop After Success & What’s Next

Successful businessman-turned-recording artist ML Underwood credits a large amount of his success to his stint in federal prison. After his release, alongside his wife/CEO of Good Scents Oils Regina Earvin, the Gary, Indiana-native formulated a beneficial service for inmates known as, The United Prisoner Association.

Following the legal assistance, ML pursued his career as a musician and found continued success through collaborations with familiar names, including, Bun B, Juvenile and Boosie Badazz. We catch up with the new artist to discuss his new deal with EMPIRE, the current pandemic, UPA and more. Learn everything about ML Underwood, read the complete interview below.

Who is ML Underwood, the recording artist? ML Underwood is a hustling recording artist that makes hits.

From personal experience, what should an aspiring artist do first before distributing music? Before distributing music an aspiring artist should have a budget for Marketing there Music.

How does a strong marriage develop into a strong business?Marriage and Music are like the yin and yang.   It ain’t over till you just give up.  Rewards come when you keep grinding and working on your goals.
As a former inmate and the current debates and prison system reforms currently in court, how does your content incorporate these issues being you have been on both sides of the spectrum?My content in music has an underline message to those that listen.  For example as a former drug dealer myself in the song “That’s on MyLife” there is a verse where I tell all the ballers that “There is no honor when you balling you either flying or you falling that’s when I heard the feds calling.  This will help those who are in this game that you can’t win in the end and coming from a guy who been there and done it over and over again makes me credible to listen to when it comes to selling drugs.

Tell us about the United Prisoner Association?The United Prisoner Association I’m CEO of is designed to raise awareness of the problem in this country with the prison system.  Our goal is to change laws that will bring Thousands of good fathers and mothers home to there families to enjoy a second chance in life.

COVID-19 has halted the music business to an indefinite standstill and protest taking precedent over everything, why do you feel this is the right time for you to enter into the music business?People are at home and it’s a perfect time to make music because I always been the person people watch. I’m not the watcher. I like watching others make millions but I rather focus on making more millions for myself.

Why did you decide to partner with the popular distribution company, EMPIRE?I partnered with Empire because I need the resources that they have and the relationships Empire has. What they offering me is the very thing that’s been missing with my company the vision of eventually working and signing younger artists to my label With a strong relationship with the ones that make things happen MyLife Entertainment will have success now.

For the first release, you enlisted the support of well-known recording artist Willie Taylor (Day 26) and Shawanna for “Crazy Love” (Remix). How did the song come together and how did you know this was a big debut?Crazy Love came from my heart because it really describes my relationship with my wife. The struggles of Marriage and understanding the love language of your partner can be just CRAZY. Willie Taylor is a great artist who is married and I knew that he will pour his heart into this song perfectly and soon as I sent the track he went crazy with the hook and helped make this song the hit that it is. Shawnna did the remix for me to respond to my verse giving a female perspective of love in a relationship and she really killed her verse because as men we believe at times our mates want to fight but really they just want to be held and cuddled in the midst of whatever they going through. It’s the opposite of whatever they say when they say I’m not hungry Bae and you come back to the house with food for only you you won’t have peace that day (laughs). When they say don’t buy me anything you better buy her whatever she been talking about getting herself (laughs).

How did the collaboration with Jhonni Blaze come together for “Show Me”?Jhonni Blaze is like a niece to me. Her voice was perfect for “Show Me.” “Show Me” is doing very well with streams now. Sent the song to Jhonni and called me a few days later telling me she enjoyed recording on it and loved the vibe.

Tell us about some books you’ve read to help with your creativity and business mindset?MyLife B4 & After Entertainment is a book I wrote that is on Amazon now will not only tell you about the story of my life but it will give you the right mindset to be successful and wealthy in life.

As a recording artist, describe the importance your words have on the world and the importance of delivering a message that provides answers to those trying to maneuver throughout this world?Whatever words you put in music is alive and I believe that today I must still give the younger crowd entertainment and relatable music but at the same time drop subtle positive messages that they can use in life while enjoying my music.

Influenced by the current cultural landscape, tell us about your new song, “My Life”?My new song “That’s On MyLife” is an introduction to ML Underwood to let the world know who behind the scenes for years in this game making power moves.

Over 1 million streams and 390,000 listeners, how does it feel achieve these types of accomplishments so early in the game?Getting over 1 million streams in 7 Months independently just shows what hard work and determination can do.   Now it’s time to get 1 million streams a month and that’s my goal for now.

Explain the importance of investing in yourself first? Investing in yourself is like putting on a life vest before trying to save a drowning person in the sea.   When you don’t save yourself first everybody you try to help will drown with you.

The most personal song you’ve recorded to date? All of my music is personal to me and comes from the heart.

What’s next for ML Underwood in 2020? In 2020 I will have one of the top 10 club bangers in all the clubs in America. I plan on releasing this new joint in July or August.

Stream ML Underwood’s new single, “Crazy Love” (Remix), available now on My Life Entertainment. 

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